Outubro 6, 2020
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Felipe Corrêa (ed.). “Dossier: Contemporary Anarchism”

This dossier was carried out from a nearly two-year research, which aimed to analyze the resurgence of anarchism, anarcho-syndicalism and revolutionary syndicalism, which occurred worldwide between 1990 and 2019. With it, Corrêa reached very interesting results. A synthesis will be published as a chapter in the book Global History of Socialism, edited by Marcel van der Linden, under the title “The Global Revival of Anarchism and Syndicalism (1990-2019)”. In this dossier, the editor makes some sources of this research available, including books, texts, websites, videos and interviews, in different languages; he also makes some comments to guide the reading. This is not a complete list of everything that exists, but a set of sources through which I believe it is possible to understand contemporary anarchism. This will allow not only a more in-depth knowledge of the topic, but also that other researchers can use this material for further investigations.

* Read the Dossier here: Dossier Contemporary Anarchism

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